Amino Acid Analysis System

Post-Column Amino Acid Analysis System

The N-Series automated amino acid analysis system uses an ion-exchange mode for separating amino acids and a post-column derivatization reaction for fluorescence detection with o-phthalaldehyde (OPA) /N-acetylcholine as a reagent. Amino acids are detected with high sensitivity and selectivity.

Shimadzu’s highly acclaimed post-column reaction technology coupled with industry-standard fluoresence detectors enable high-sensitivity amino acid analysis in foods/pharmaceuticals with high reliability.   The world beating N-Series UHPLC equipped with automated support functions such as M2M, IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) facilitates high productivity and accuracy. Superb injection precision over a wide range of volumes, unique design to ensure reliable sample cooling, available in the N-Series UHPLC add more value to the successful method development for amino acid analysis.

Analytical columns are available in two types: Na-type (for 17-18 components) which is suitable for samples such as protein hydrolysates;  and  Li-type (for 38 amino acids) which is suitable for simultaneous analysis for free amino acids.

Ready-to-Use Special Reagent Kit

In terms of the mobile phase for amino acid analysis, the pH must be carefully prepared in order to obtain separation repeatability in amino acid analysis. To avoid this labor-intensive process and the risk of errors the mobile phase and reaction reagent used in this system are available as a special reagent kit that can be used immediately after opening.



OPA Reagent Kit