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ProbePro Mini

ProbePro Mini product family

Raman ProbePro Mini product family allows easy and continuous measuring of key process parameters via an optical interface. Raman ProbePro Mini enables time-gated Raman spectrometers to be connected to bioreactors for in-situ, real-time analysis to follow composition and changes in a cell culture media. The ProbePro Mini solution is developed to be compatible with SCHOTT ViewPort®.

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Outstanding features of PROBEPRO MINI

• Simple process interface solution for Raman measurement to collect the highly needed real-time data from complicated cell culture matrix
• Easy to integrate to bioreactors with standard port diameters and flange sizes (Ingold and PG13.5 ports available)
• Hermetic solution and approved, sterilizable materials in the bioreactor interface using SCHOTT ViewPort® sensor interfaces
• Optimized probe design for PicoRaman M3 spectrometer for ideal collection efficiency
• Non-destructive analysis