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VI Probe – Ma
Particle Size Range1.5 – 250 µm

VI Probe – Pl
Particle Size Range2 – 300 µm

VI Probe – Sc
Particle Size Range9 – 1,100 µm

VI Probe – Pa
Particle Size Range15 – 2,300 µm

VI Probe – Kr
Particle Size Range30 – 7,700 µm

Particle Size Range50 – 50,000 µm

Particle Size Range2 – 320 µm

Particle Size Range9 – 1,100 µm

Particle Size Range0.5 – 75 µm


High resolution endoscope

The Pa Probe is an inline endoscope with a large field of view for various industrial applications in laboratory or production environments.

This probe can be directly inserted into a running process to retrieve particle size and shape information via image analysis. The probe can be equipped with cooling and purging tubes to increase its applicability range. There are also numerous process connectors available, such as flanges, compression fittings, and the Knick Ceramat W155 retractable fitting.

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Parameter Specification
Particle Size Range 15 – 2,300 µm
Field of View (diag.) 5,450 µm
Dimensions & Weights
Housing Length: 240 mm
Diameter: 72 mm
Protection Tube Wetted length: 320 mm*
Wetted tube diameter: 12 mm
Weight 4.5 kg
Housing 1.4404 (316L)
Protection tube 1.4404 (316L)**
Probe tip window Sapphire
Solder Au/Sn 80/20
Cable Adaptaflex cable protection; type SPLHC; flexible; liquid resistant; IP67; black
Technical Data
Permissible Process Temperature -10 – 130°C (temperatures up to 450°C achievable with cooling tube accessory)
Permissible Ambient Temperature 0 – 40°C
Permissible Process Pressure 0 – 10 bar (higher pressure ratings up to 320 bar on request)
Camera 5.1 MP Machine Vision Camera with GigE Interface, 15 fps
Power Supply 141 VA (50-60 Hz)
Cable Standard length: 2.5 m
Diameter: 27 mm
Bending Radius: 20 cm
Protection IP 65
Compliance RoHS conform according to 2011/65/EU