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The Onso system is an innovative benchtop short-read DNA sequencing platform with an extraordinary level of accuracy using PacBio sequencing by binding (SBB) technology. Ultra-high Q40+ data quality allows you to break through limits of detection.

15× higher accuracy than SBS sequencers

SBB chemistry delivers extraordinary levels of accuracy and sensitivity to confidently identify rare variants missed by other short-read sequencing platforms. 

Less sequencing required

At Q30, the amount of coverage needed for certain applications (e.g. liquid biopsy research) is not economically feasible. The Onso system’s Q40+ performance provides high quality results at up to four fold less read depth than SBS.

Power through difficult to sequence regions of the genome

Near-perfect sequencing provides researchers accurate characterization of low complexity, highly repetitive regions for achieving more error-free genomes.

Seamless integration with existing short-read sequencing ecosystems

The Onso system will be available with an accuracy-enhanced library prep solution that enables a diverse set of popular short-read applications. Plus, third-party sample and library prep solutions are supported on Onso through a simple library conversion process. The Onso FASTQ file output ensures compatibility with downstream secondary and tertiary short-read analysis tools.

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