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MT-VP Series

Powder induction machine

The patented system (EP 1674151B / US 8398294B2 / JP 4869250B2) includes at present various sizes with a throughput from approx. 1000 l / h to 70 000 l / h – related to water and depending on the used dispersing generator. Our engineering team will work with you to integrate the MEGATRON® MT-VPR and MT-VPC seamlessly into your production system.

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– Uncompromising quality
– Industry-leading performances
– Unparalleled choice and scalability
– Ease-of-use
– Investment protection
– Connectes to the world

The patented MEGATRON® Powder Induction line answers virtually every powder induction problem through its specific aspiration method which creates a very strong vacuum. In addition specially designed powder inlet geometries prevent bridging / clogging of the powder inlet. Throughout the process the Kinematica system is able to keep highest levels of suction for the most part independent from the liquid throughput of the machine. This is very important specially when working with higher solid concentrations and rising viscosities. Depending on the characteristics of your specific powder and your formulation we can obtain concentration levels of up to 80 %.

Our system has proven to substantially decrease ­processing time and provide better product quality than other commonly used systems.

This may include but is not limited to

– Big Bag handling
– Simple to more advanced hopper designs
– Feeding and dosing systems
– Pumps
– Online viscosity measuring as an in process QC tool
– pH measuring
– Temperature control
– Controls and regulations
– And many more options



Ø Rotor 45 mm – 300 mm
Max. throughput 1000 – 70 000 l/h (Water)
Powder suction capacity 70 – 3500 kg/h
Circumferential speed 25 m/s
Speed range 1700 – 10 600 rpm
Motor 4.0 – 75.0 kW


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