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MESO SECTOR S 600 Plate Imager

The MESO SECTOR S 600 is the flagship plate reader of our SECTOR instruments product line. It has been developed under design control and validated through MSD’s quality management system. The SECTOR S 600 employs an upgraded, ultra-low-noise, CCD camera system and improved electronics for better performance. It features custom-designed telecentric lenses for rapid detection using all MULTI ARRAY or MULTI SPOT plates. The combination of rapid read times (70 seconds/plate) and the ability to process both 96-well and 384-well multiplex plates makes the SECTOR S 600 ideal for the most demanding research environments.


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  • Single and multiplex plate formats
  • ECL detection for superior analytical performance
  • Extensive menu of off-the-shelf kits
  • Singleplex and multiplex assays
  • Validated with V-PLEXTM biomarkers
  • Simple, fast and secure data analysis with DISCOVERY WORKBENCH® software
  • Highly sensitive imaging detection systems
  • Rapid read times (up to 50 plates per hour)
  • Workstation or automated operation
  • Simultaneous reading of bar code labels on both short and long sides of microplates
  • Six-log dynamic range
  • No complicated fluidics
  • Upgraded electronics and camera lens
  • Developed under design control
  • Microsoft Windows 7 compatible

The SECTOR S 600 reads all 96-well and 384-well SECTOR plates, imaging 16-wells at a time. MSD has an extensive catalog of complete assay kits, custom assays, and components for assay development formatted on SECTOR plates.