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In-Line Dispersers with Super High Shear

Our newly developed MEGATRON®  MT-SHS Pilot Plant unit is able to produce rotor tip speeds of 65 m/s and shear rate of 300 000 s-1. This novelty provides six times the shear rate than the ones of our standard product range. Due to the very high energy input it is possible to achieve particle or droplet sizes that go well into the nano range, results vary based on the component system being processed.

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For quite some time, rotor / stator technology has been used for various applications requiring the production of emulsions and suspensions.
The goals have always been to produce the most homogeneous products with the smallest possible particle or droplet sizes.
Kinematica has heard our customers demands for even smaller particle or droplet sizes and is now offering with the SHS a newly designed rotor / stator combination which will enable us to produce particles or droplets in the nano range as a norm.

Results are convincing
– Newly developed concept in rotor / stator technology provides the smallest possible particle sizes with the highest efficiency
– Rotor tip speeds up to 65 m/s possible
– Shear rates up to 300 000 s-1 possible
– High specific energy input resulting in nano sized particles or droplets (product dependent)
– Different rotor / stator geometries are available
– Scale-up is in preparation up to productions machines



Motor 5.5 kW three-phase motor with frequency converter
Speed adjustment Stepless with integrated controller and digital display
Speed control Stepless with integrated controller and Digital display
Generators SHS special rotor / stator geometry with finest tooth system
Recirculation vessel 5.0 liter stainless steel vessel for the continuous phase, double-walled design with thermostat connections
Tip speed max. approx. 65 m/s
Pipe installation Complete piping with the recirculation vessel
Max. shear rate 1/s up to 300‘000 s-1
Dimensions (LxWxH) 715 x 300 x 1020 mm


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