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IPP 70-Se – standard ATEX probe

The IPP 70-Se is the intrinsically safe version of the standard model IPP 70-S for use in processes with ATEX requirements.
When used in conjunction with a measuring PC, it allows for the determination of particle size distribution (e.g., Q0, Q3) as well as the attributes of the distribution (x10, x50, x90, etc.) even directly within processes in ATEX zones 0/20 (gas/dust).
It consists of a robust stainless-steel construction with sapphire windows to protect the optics from wear.
Its dimensions, measuring ranges and accessories make it compatible with all other probe models, so all of the accessories for process adaptation can also be used with the IPP 70-Se in ATEX areas.
Compressed-air-driven accessories, such as dispersers, ensure that the measuring volume and measurement optics are kept permanently free from contamination while also guaranteeing optimal adaptation to process and particle attributes. The probe is therefore also suitable for use in processes with damp and sticky particles. Using a disperser means that measurements can also be taken in processes with irregular particle movement, such as in fluidised beds, or processes with high particle loads, such as high-shear processes.
A complete measuring system consists of the IPP 70-Se with accessories for process adaptation, the barrier box for Ex-zone separation and a measuring PC with measuring program for particle searching and the calculation of all distributions. The measured results can then be made available to a higher-level control system via optional interfaces.

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Technical details

IPP 70-Se inline particle-measuring probe
Particle size measurement range: 50 µm … 6000 µm
Particle velocity: measurement range: 0,01 m/s … 50 m/s
Particle volume concentration: for particles <1 mm, up to approx. 12 vol.%
for larger particles, up to approx. 30 vol.%
Measuring rate: up to 20,000 particles/s
Products: Powder, pellets, granulates, sprays, etc.
Process temperature/pressure: –20°C to +100°C / <4 bar
Material, in contact with product: stainless steel (L316), sapphire, epoxy resin
Probe tube dimensions (L/D): 280 x 25 mm
Electronics-housing dimensions (W/H/D): 120 x 90 x 60 mm
Electronics-housing temperature: -10…60°C
Housing protection class: IP65
Light source: Laser (laser class 1)
Power consumption: 2W (typ.)
Interfaces: Particle distributions and attributes as an ASCII file (Excel compatible), optional: 4–20 mA, TCP/IP, OPC


Process interface
D24 disperser For high load / high fine content – particles up to 2000 µm, clearance 3.8 mm
D12 disperser As for D24, but also for larger particles >2000 µm, clearance 7.5 mm
SZ11, SZ20 cleaning cells With low load for cleaning the probe optics without diluting the flow of particles
Compressed-air unit Compressed-air supply for the probe when using dispersers or cleaning cells
VS28 anti-wear guard Tube sleeve with a reinforced hard-chrome coating with a hardness of 68–72 Rockwell