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VI Probe – Ma
Particle Size Range1.5 – 250 µm

VI Probe – Pl
Particle Size Range2 – 300 µm

VI Probe – Sc
Particle Size Range9 – 1,100 µm

VI Probe – Pa
Particle Size Range15 – 2,300 µm

VI Probe – Kr
Particle Size Range30 – 7,700 µm

Particle Size Range50 – 50,000 µm

Particle Size Range2 – 320 µm

Particle Size Range9 – 1,100 µm

Particle Size Range0.5 – 75 µm


Macroscopic conveyor system

The InView probe is a macroscopic measurement system that can be applied to a wide range of particle sizes and distances to the objects of interest. It can be flanged to looking or inspection glasses of granulators, reactors, chutes, or mounted above conveyor belts.

The InView system is equipped with a color camera and is suitable for many different particle detection tasks. The InView is equipped with a ring of LEDs, but additional LED panels can be used to illuminate the objects in different angles and distance. To reduce fouling on the InView window, we optionally provide a purging device which is mounted on the flange provided.

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Parameter Specification
Particle Size Range 50 – 50,000 µm (depending on used camera lens)
Field of View (diag.) customizable
Dimensions & Weights
Housing Length: 209 mm
Diameter: 75 mm
Flange Mounting holes: 4x D11 on 100 mm circle
Flange OD 120 mm
Weight 3.6 kg
Housing 1.4404 (316L)
Window Sapphire
Technical Data
Permissible Process Temperature n/A (ex-situ)
Permissible Ambient Temperature 0 – 50°C
Permissible Process Pressure Ambient pressure
Camera 5.1 Megapixel Machine Vision Camera with GigE Interface, 15 fps (grey), 7 fps (color)
Cable Standard length: 10 m
Protection IP 52
Compliance RoHS conform according to 2011/65/EU