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Hyperion XTi Imaging System

Introducing the Hyperion XTi™ Imaging System, the fastest and most reliable workflow for high-plex imaging.
Discover the throughput and precision that is uniquely designed for translational researchers. 

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Powered by proven Imaging Mass Cytometry™ (IMC™), Hyperion™ XTi is a next-generation imaging system with 5x the speed and an unmatched limit of detection to accurately quantify and visualize the tissue microenvironment.

IMC is the only technology with

No autofluorescence interference to image any tissue type

40-plus markers imaged simultaneously to get results faster

Protein and RNA co-detection for deeper insights

Integrated cell segmentation for faster interpretation

Batch staining of all slides for high-volume studies

Dual imaging and flow cytometry mode to maximize investment
Learn more about the power of Imaging Mass Cytometry.