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Hyperion XTi Imaging System

Get data from 100+ samples a week

Use the power of Imaging Mass Cytometry™ (IMC™) to explore complex spatial relationships in the tissue and tumor microenvironment to gain new translational insights. Simultaneously examine 40-plus markers at subcellular resolution without spectral overlap or background autofluorescence.

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Gain unprecedented insights from highly multiplexed single-cell spatial biology

Imaging Mass Cytometry™ (IMC™) with the Hyperion+™ Imaging System allows you to uncover important spatial relationships with high-plex imaging of 40-plus markers simultaneously at subcellular resolution. A precisely directed laser beam focused at 1 μm collects biological samples stained with metal-tagged Maxpar® antibodies from a region of interest. Discrete signals from each ionized metal tag are detected with proven CyTOF® technology, based on differences in mass instead of wavelength. Thus, IMC eliminates autofluorescence and achieves uniform staining with minimal background. Large panels can be designed with little concern about antibody order or label assignment.

The Hyperion™+ Imaging System is the ideal solution when you work with heterogeneous biology where assessing key spatial information is critical to driving a deeper understanding of healthy and disease states. This system acquires images twice as fast as the Hyperion Imaging System and can process 100-plus samples per week. It also improves the limit of detection by at least 1.6x, meaning it better detects dim markers. Use this system to gain a better understanding of immunotherapy responses that could ultimately help extend patient lives, or to get faster results when you have a high number of samples or large cohort studies.