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Hyperion Imaging System

Imaging Mass Cytometry: Visualize spatial biology. Confidently.

The Hyperion™ Imaging System allows access to single-cell insights. This includes a deeper understanding of the intricate spatial relationships of cells, pathways and phenotypes in the tissue microenvironment.

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Imaging Mass Cytometry™ (IMC™) with the Hyperion Imaging System allows the generation of novel research hypotheses by surveying a high number of protein markers in one scan, saving precious sample, all while employing proven CyTOF® technology.
A precisely directed laser beam focused at 1 μm collects biological samples stained with metal-tagged Maxpar® antibodies from a region of interest. Next, discrete signals from each ionized metal tag are detected based on differences in mass instead of wavelength. Thus, IMC eliminates autofluorescence and achieves uniform staining with minimal background. Large panels can be rapidly designed with little concern about antibody order or label assignment.
When working with heterogeneous biology, assessing key spatial information is critical to driving a deeper understanding of both healthy and diseased tissue states. The Hyperion Imaging System is the ideal solution not only for this task, but to gain a better understanding of immunotherapy responses, with the intent to ultimately extend patient lives.