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MicroCurrent HVLD

Referenced in the new USP <1207> Chapter Guidance as a deterministic test method for container closure integrity testing.

MicroCurrent HVLD Technology for All Parenteral And Biologic Products

PTI packaging and inspection systems revolutionized the conventional HVLD method and introduced a groundbreaking new technology for the integrity testing for all parenteral and biological products including low conductivity liquids such as sterile water for injection. This unique method known as the Microcurrent HVLD utilizes about 50% less voltage and exposes the product and environment to less than 5% of the voltage when compared to conventional HVLD solutions.

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VeriPac Vacuum Decay Technology

E-Scan HVLDmc

Referenced in USP <1207>, PTI’s HVLDmc has proven to be a highly sensitive container closure integrity leak detection method for various types of liquid-filled packaging including, but not limited to pre-filled syringes, vials, cartridges and ampoules.

The E-Scan testing process uses a set of electrode probes to scan a non-conductive container that is sealed. The container material can be glass, plastic, or poly laminate. The container or package must contain liquid (minimum fill 30%). If a pinhole, crack, or other defect is present, there is a resistance differential and change in current flow indicating a breach in the container. The approximate defect location can be identified.