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Helios, a CyTOF System

A powerful high-parameter cytometer and the signal detection platform for the Hyperion Imaging System 

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The Helios™ mass cytometer enables the sensitive and precise detection of metal-tagged antibodies bound to tissue regions of interest interrogated by the Hyperion™ Tissue Imager.

Helios also serves as a high-dimensional single-cell suspension analysis tool when decoupled from the Hyperion Tissue Imager. Learn more about the unique capabilities of the Hyperion+™ Imaging System to function in dual mode to perform high-multiplex characterization spanning cell suspension and tissue samples using proven CyTOF® technology.

For latest-generation, stand-alone cell suspension mass cytometry, the fully automated CyTOF XT™ provides significant advantages over the Helios system. Reimagine cytometry with CyTOF XT.