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Shimadzu Ai-Series/N-Series built using Analytical IntelligenceTM and IoT technologies yield exceptional data quality and streamlined workflows for the analysis of adulterants, amino acids, mycotoxins, nutraceuticals, preservatives, sugars, vitamins, etc.

Triple Quadrupole LC-MS

Shimadzu LCMS-80XX Series backed by UFMS technology and high-throughput UHPLC offer ultrahigh sensitivity and rapid analysis for quantifying antibiotics & veterinary drugs, mycotoxins, pesticides, PFAS and other contaminants in various matrices.

Triple Quadrupole GC-MS*

Shimadzu GCMS-TQ80XX NX Series Ultimate High-Speed / High-Sensitivity UFMS-based systems for measurement of pesticide residues, and contaminants in various matrices. Hyphenated with aheadspace sampler enables analysis of volatiles, aroma compounds, EtO, etc with the highest precision and accuracy.


Industry standard for Low-Temperature ELS detection for HPLC. Technology that can detect virtually all compounds without the need for a chromophoric or electroactive group. Used for the analysis of sugars, sweeteners, organic acids, and more.

Sample Preparation – SHIMSEN

SHIMSEN QuEChERS simplifies residue analysis with improved accuracy & cost-effective efficiency. With a wide choice of chemistries, SHIMSEN SPE are versatile for various sample preparation techniques including cleanup, pre-concentration, and purification.

Method Packages

Shimadzu Method packages simplify analysis for aminoglycosides, dioxins, mycotoxins, PFAS, residual pesticides, veterinary drugs, and water quality. They enable swift and simultaneous examination of multiple components with standardized analytical conditions and sample pre-treatment workflows.


Shimadzu LabSolutions InsightTM accelerates data review in mass spectrometry labs, managing thousands of chromatograms everyday. It streamlines the process, automatically applying peak detection criteria and flagging deviations for efficient analysis of critical data..


Kinematica Polytron® for batch processing in laboratories, pilot plant, and production ensures product homogeneity and uniform total mass. Crucial in emerging areas like vegan products, probiotics, high-protein foods, enzymes and infant food.

Package Inspection

PTI VeriPac Vacuum Decay technology for detecting leakage & Airborne Ultrasound technology based for seal quality testing, help in accurate assessment of manufacturing defects with a ‘pass/fail’ determination.


Shimadzu Ai-Series/N-Series built using Analytical IntelligenceTM and IoT technologies yield exceptional data quality and streamlined workflows for bioanalysis of targeted compounds in various samples from clinical trials. UHPLCs with Autosamplers that feature up to 44 MTPs (using 3 PLATE CHANGERS) to handle >700 samples, address high-throughput requirements.

Triple Quadrupole LC-MS

Shimadzu LCMS-80XX UFMS Series coupled to high-throughput front end LCs, offer increased specificity using the Library screening MRM spectrum mode, ultrahigh sensitivity and rapid analysis for quantifying drugs in clinical samples, method development in DMPK etc.

Single Quadrupole LC-MS

Shimadzu LCMS-20XX Series high speed, high sensitivity UFMS systems for applications such as reaction monitoring in process development and mass-directed purification of impurities from drug substances, etc, for contract research.

Preparative HPLC

Shimadzu Nexera Prep HPLC with autosampler, multi-fraction large volume collection, high performance pumps with up to 150 mL/min, multiple detector options
(UV Vis, PDA, RID, ELSD & MS) support large purification workflows in drug discovery, process development.

Preparative SFC

Shimadzu Nexera UC Prep Supercritical Fluid Chromatography system improves efficiency even in chiral compounds while fitting into pre-existing workflows. It achieves superior recovery rates with fully automated separtion and fractionation, reducing environmental impact i.e Green chromatography.

Automated Sample Management

Hamilton Storage offers comprehensive ultra-low temperature automated sample management systems for thousands of biological and compound samples. Designed for sample integrity and reliability, systems run under powerful software to manage the entire operation.

Multiplexed Immunoassays

Mesoscale electrochemiluminescence assays with a high-speed, ultra-low noise CCD camera offer exceptional sensitivity, wide dynamic range, and rapid read times. Meso Scale Discovery’s biomarker assays provide a rapid method for measuring single or multiple targets in a small-volume sample. MSD immunoassay solutions cover the entire spectrum of research from personalized multiplex assays to validated high-performance options.


Lablogic’s Radio Flow HPLC detector measures radioactivity for C14 and H3 labeled compounds post LC separation, vital for drug metabolism and agricultural
chemistry in E-Fate studies. It utilizes on-line liquid scintillation principle and seamlessly interfaces with HPLCs/UHPLCs.