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In compliance with :

cGMP, FDA, GAMP, 2006/42/EC, 2014/30/UE, 2014/35/UE, PED 2014/68/UE , UNI EN 285:2016 – Sterilization: Steam sterilizers – Large sterilizers (where applicable)

DLST/L Series


The dry heat sterilizers DLST/L type (Class 100 – ISO 5) are cGMP designed to meet the widest requirements of the Pharmaceutical Industry and to perform following treatments:

  • sterilization : reduction of microorganisms and their by-products by up to 12 log (temperature range:  160÷180°C)
  • depyrogenation : destruction of pyrogens and endotoxins inside the materials (temperature range: 250÷300°C)

The dry heat sterilization is a not polluting process, which does not give any problem of wastes or inconvenients for the environment or for the personnel. In the meantime this process fulfils the more rigorous requirements of bacterial levels reduction.

Possibility to foresee oven execution to withstand operating temperatures up to 300°C in continuous service by use of HEPA filters with special sealant.

Main applications:

  • empty glassware (e.g. vials, ampoules, bottles)
  • inox equipment (e.g. trays, machine parts)
  • materials sensitive to humidity
  • thermostable basic pharmaceutical products and chemical compounds

non-acqueous liquid materials (e.g. oils, glycerines, etc.)

Chamber is available in horizontal execution.

De Lama sterilizers are of the highest quality and reliability, worldwide available for ease of replacement and to assure the longest equipment lifespan.

Standard and customized models are available.

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