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Every Picture Tells Your Story

The Crystalline™ is a unique analytical instrument with 8 parallel particle view cameras, that allows scientists to access crystallization and formulation information at milliliter scale. The in-line analytics -with no need for cleaning of the reactor- and AI-based image analysis gives every chemist valuable answers and much quicker than ever before. The Crystalline PV/RR with through the vial analytical capabilities like turbidity, particle view imaging or Raman is easy to set up and operate.


  • Develop, control and optimize your entire crystallization process
  • Visualize particles clearly with up to 0.63 μm resolution, improved front light and color camera options
  • Use advanced analytical features such as digital particle viewer, Particle Size Distribution (PSD), Real time Raman
  • Control processes better with the AI-based software analysis
  • Save time and costs with robotic automation
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Technical Specifications

Specifications Crystalline PV/RR
Reactors 8
Reactor Type 8 ml vials
Working Volume (ml) 2.5-5 ml
Temperatures profiles 8
Temperature range (°C) -25 to 150*
Temperature accuracy (°C) 0.5
Heating/Cooling rate (°C/min) 0.1-20
Stirring modes Overhead or stirrer bar
Stirring rate (rpm) 0-1250
Turbidity (%) Every reactor
Chiller necessary Yes
In-line analytics 8 particle view imaging cameras and/or Raman probes
Particle size and shape analysis Yes – with particle view imaging cameras
Extra functions Reflux, antisolvent, seeding, evaporation and pH monitoring integration
Data export CrystalClear, Word Report, XML
Footprint (DxWxH in cm) 52 x 77.8 x 19.7
Software Advanced image analysis based on AI