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Enhance your early stage solid state screening with the CrystalBreeder bench-top system

CrystalBreeder is the next generation multi-reactor crystallization platform for medium-throughput solid-state research, operating at working volumes of 0.1 mL. Run rapid complete crystallization screens with as little as 1 mg of sample. CrystalBreeder provides real time turbidity readings for 32 parallel temperature-controlled experiments. When early solubility information is essential, stop guessing and let CrystalBreeder put you in the lead.


  • Easily define temperature profiles, sampling rates & stir speeds
  • Determine cloud and clear points
  • Define zones of interest for scaling up to milliliter scale
  • Multiple crystallization modes with different solvents
  • Slow evaporation (with or without stirring)
  • Slow cooling with overhead stirring
  • Thermo-cycling with non-linear temperature profiles
  • Vapor diffusion crystallization
  • Sublimation crystallization under vacuum
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Technical Specification

Specifications CrystalBreeder
Feedback control Yes
Reactors 32
Reactor type Commercially available, glass
Optimal work volume (mL) 0.06 to 0.1
Temperature zones 8
Temperature range (°C) -15 to 1501
Temperature accuracy (°C) 0.1
Heating rate (°C/min) 0 – 20
Cooling rate (°C/min) 0 – 20
Stirring Overhead or stirrer bar
Stirring speed (rpm) 0 – 1250
Evaporation option Yes, with evaporation

flow per block of 4 reactors

Vapor diffusion option Yes
Turbidity (%) Every reactor
Chiller necessary (°C) No
Data export CrystalClear, Word Report, XML
Footprint (DxWxH) 49x56x20