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Crystal 16

A powerful system for polymorph, salt & co-crystallization research
Designed by scientists, for scientists, the Crystal16® parallel crystallizer is a multiple reactor station providing a screening solution for temperature dependent solubility determination and solid-state research.


  • Obtain 4 temperature dependent solubility curves in 4 hours with as little as 100 mg API
  • Determining solubility curves and MSZW has never been easier
  • Easily calculate nucleation rates from induction times with built-in software and make use of the feedback control feature
  • Run 16 experiments simultaneously at 1mL scale
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Technical Specifications

Specifications Crystal16
Reactors 16
Reactor type Commercially available, glass
Optimal work volume (mL) 0.5 to 1.0
Temperature zones 4
Temperature Range (°C)

T ambient 20°C +-2°C

-20 to 150

all 4 block reactors in parallel

Temperature accuracy (°C) 0.5
Heating rate (°C/min) 0 – 20
Cooling rate (°C/min) 0 – 20
Stirring Overhead or stirrer bar
Stirring speed (rpm) 0 – 1250
Turbidity (%) Every reactor
Chiller optional (°C) Required to achieve -25 to 150 in all 4 block reactors in parallel
Data export CSV, Word Report, XML
Footprint (DxWxH) 50x28x18.5