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Introducing: ClinoStar 2 

Have you ever considered how to unleash the hidden potential of cell communication and tissue formation? The ClinoStar system is at the forefront of this scientific pursuit, offering a solution that raises a provocative question: Why is it crucial for researchers to embrace the clinostat principle and eliminate shear stress in their work?

Shear stress is a mechanical force exerted by fluid flow on cells. When cells encounter excessive shear stress, they undergo mechanotransduction, triggering changes in gene expression and protein synthesis.

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ClinoStar 2 features

Monitor your constructions in each reactor
through six live feed cameras.
Control the temperature, CO2, O2 (optional), and individual rotational speed of the 6 clinostat axles.
4 to 6 times as much biomass per volume of media
compared to traditional culture systems.
The inbuilt humidification system minimises the risk of
infections and secures constant media volume.

Hypoxia unit for ClinoStar 2

Explore the frontier of 3D cell culture with the Hypoxia Unit for ClinoStar 2!   Oxygen concentrations in the human body vary, ranging from around 12% in the lungs to 5% in the brain, and can be as low as 0.1% in tumor tissues. The ClinoStar hypoxia unit enables the manipulation of in vitro atmospheric composition to tailor it to the specific physiological needs of tissues or organs Achieve physiological oxygen levels effortlessly.

Chosen features

  • Regulate oxygen levels in ClinoStar 2
  • Quick attainment of the media’s oxygen level set point
  • Simplifies short-term handling procedures, such as microscopy observation and documentatio

CelVivo Cloud

It’s never been easier to control, monitor, and manage your cell culture. With CelVivo Cloud you’ll control your ClinoStar remotely from any internet-enabled device – anywhere in the world! The online software platform makes it easy to adjust the climate settings in your ClinoStar through control of temperature, CO2, and O2.  You can also adjust the speed of each bioreactor from 1 to 100 rpm in 0.1 rpm steps (clockwise or anticlockwise).

Other Features

  • Keep an eye on your cultures and adjust individual rotational speeds as they progress.
  • Automatic UV-C decontamination cycles can be remotely initiated.
  • Give team members individual control over certain ClinoStars.


The ClinoReactor (patent pending) is an all-in-one bioreactor. The front wall of the chamber is also a lid which can be clicked on and off as desired giving full access to the chamber in a petri-dish manner.

The vents in top of the ClinoReactor ensures a constant flow of air over the membrane allowing CO₂ to be in equilibrium with the media inside the cell chamber. This can be useful for sampling or adding and removing large constructs.

The ClinoReactor has its own humidification system for minimizing the risks of infections and keeping the volume constant in the incubation chamber. The ClinoReactor has feet allowing it to stand unsupported making media exchange easy. Media exchange is done via the top vial and can be performed within a couple of minutes.


  • Advanced bioreactor which allows you to culture cells as spheroids
  • Comes single wrapped
  • Has a 10 mL growth culture chamber
  • The humidification system consisting of water beads ensure constant volume of media.
  • A semi-permeable membrane ensure that growth media is in equilibrium with the CO₂ content in the incubator
  • The transparent front lid can be removed giving access to a petri-dish like cell culture chamber
  • Access ports together with the stand-up function allow easy exchange of media
  • The front port allows easy sampling of spheroids