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Shimadzu Ai-Series/N-Series systems with Analytical IntelligenceTM and IoT capabilities cover diverse matrices, addressing applications like Vitamins, Amino acids, Hemoglobin variants and chains, Biomarkers, and general drug quantitation.

Triple Quadrupole LC-MS

Shimadzu UFMS offers excellent sensitivity and robustness for tests like TDM-Immunosuppressants and Antibiotics, Endocrinology-Hormones and Vitamins, NBS-Amino acids and Acylcarnitines and Drugs of abuse and Pain management- Benzodiazepines and Opiates in complex matrices like DBS, whole blood, serum, plasma, urine etc.

Triple Quadrupole GC-MS*

Shimadzu GCMS-TQ80XX NX Series is tailored for a range of analyses, from NBS and qualitative drug testing to oxygenatedcompounds, alcohols, metabolomics, and fatty acids.


Shimadzu compact benchtop dual polarity MALDI-TOF excels in hemoglobinopathy, biomarker discovery, microbial identification, qualitative metabolomics, and drugs of abuse applications, offering outstanding performance in a minimal footprint.


Shimadzu Q-TOF enables accurate mass acquisition for identification of challenging compounds and high-throughput screening in forensic toxicology, drug quantitation, and biomarker discovery.

Method packages

Shimadzu’s extensive method packages for rapid toxicology screening, primary metabolites, bile acids, lipid mediators, phospholipids, glycosaminoglycans, forensic toxicology and steroids, simplify workflows and reduce implementation barriers offering LC separation conditions, retention times, and validated MRM parameters.


PacBio SMRT sequencing advances genetic data quality with cost-effective long reads for high throughput and accurate short reads, benefiting various applications such as targeted RNA, whole-genome, metagenome, and epigenetic sequencing.

Electrochemical Detection

Antec Scientific ECD for testing of catecholamines, serotonin, metanephrines, VMA, HVA, 5-HIAA in urine, glutathione, disulphides, homocysteine in plasma, and iodide in urine.

Sample Prep-MS

CLAM 2040 Automated sample preparation module, enhancing overall throughput, in applications like TDM and Toxicology.

Imaging MS

iMScope QT Imaging mass microscope for clinical research.


Shimadzu P-Series addresses the need for automation efficiency covering pesticides, fertilizers, dyes, polymers, petrochemicals, surfactants, personal care products and speciality chemical analysis. This is a versatile instrument for small and medium chemical industries that accommodate multiple detectors targeting various applications in agrochemicals, dyes and pigments, polymers & flavour/fragrances.

Triple Quadrupole LC-MS

Shimadzu UFMS is a no-compromise system and a preferred choice for agrochemicals and dye Industries. The base model can be field upgraded to higher sensitivity, enabling precise analyses of pesticides, restricted substances in dyes, surfactants, and intermediates.

Single Quadrupole LC-MS

Shimadzu single quadrupole mass spectrometer is used for high-throughput analysis in product development and foreign matter inspection, providing insight into the composition of samples like detergents with diverse surfactants.

Triple Quadrupole GC-MS*

Shimadzu Triple and Single Quad GC-MS for high speed/high sensitivity analysis of restricted substances such as PFOS/PFOA precursors, azo dyes in textiles, residual solvents in bulk chemicals, impact assessment as per REACH regulations etc.

Inline Dispersers

Kinematica Megatron MT-VP, a patented powder dispersion system, tackles solid particle sedimentation in calcium carbonate suspension for paint industries. It ensures uniform process control without high shear rates. Additionally, the Megatron series address dispersion and suspension applications in fertilizers, color pigments, adhesives, silica dispersion, and insulation material foaming.

Method Packages

Shimadzu Method Packages are useful in chemical field, where analytes are a wide range of chemically synthesized components and compounds present in textiles, plastics, and other materials. These Ready-to-Use Method Packages aid in the analysis of Restricted Chemicals in Textiles and Dyes, 26 PFCs in Textiles, Residual Pesticides, Synthetic Dyes, and Polymers, etc.


Technobis Crystallization Systems optimize andaccelerate the Crystallization and formulation process in agrochemical active ingredients segment towards improving solubility.

Particle Measurement

The agrochemical industry involves crucial processes like fertilizer granulation and crystallization. The SOPAT probe is essential for monitoring particle sizes in granulation, optimizing milling processes in real-time..