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Mimicking in vivo performance

Grow your cells using CelVivo’s 3D cell culture technology
to generate in vitro models that closely resemble real-world conditions.

The CelVivo Technology

The ClinoStar technology is developed to mimic in vivo performance with low sheer stress, allowing scientists to generate in vitro models that closely resemble real-world conditions. Thus, creating more accurate, reproducible research and experiments – without animal use.

Application Areas

The ClinoStar 3D cell culture technology is made for scientists that cultivate and mature cells.
The technology can be used across several application areas and allows the generation of uniform, reproducible and functional spheroids, and organoids. These spheroids mimic the function, structure, and architecture of in vivo cells. The technology thus lets you perform research using cell models with an unprecedented correlation between in vivo and in vitro conditions and closes the gap between 2D cell culture and cell function.
See how it works on the application areas below.

Developmental Biology

Read new publications about how blastoids grown in a 3D cell culture environment can create in vitro models of blastocyst


Watch exclusive webinars and interviews, and learn how other scientists work with long-term liver cell cultures in the ClinoStar system.


See how other scientists have used the ClinoStar system for growing brain organoids in a 3D environment and how to get started yourself.


Immersive yourself in insights about working with tumoroids in 3D and how other scientist uses the ClinoStar for oncological research.

Introducing: ClinoStar 2 

ClinoStar 2