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Research, Developments & Pilot Scale Freeze Dryers/Lyophilizers

ATS Hull LyoStar 4.0 R&D/Process Development Freeze Dryer
ATS VirTis Ultra 50L & 35L Pilot-Production Freeze Dryers
ATS VirTis Genesis Pilot Freeze Dryer
ATS Hull LyoConstellation S10/S20/S30 Pilot Lyophilizers
ATS VirTis AdVantage Pro Freeze Dryer
ATS VirTis General Purpose Freeze Dryer (GPFD)
ATS VirTis Freezemobile

Production Scale Freeze Dryers/Lyophilizers

ATS Hull LyoConstellation S80/S100/S130 Production Lyophilizers
ATS VirTis Benchmark Production Freeze Dryer

Lyo PAT Tools

ControLyo® Nucleation Technology
LyoFlux® 200 TDLAS Sensors
SMART™ Freeze Dryer Technology
Tempris® Wireless Sensors


ATS i-Dositecno Versa-Line Pharmaceutical Filling Equipment
ATS i-Dositecno Micro-Line Vial Filling Lines
ATS i-Dositecno SY Flex-Line Robotic-Syringe Fillers
ATS i-Dositecno RF Flex-Line Robotic-Syringe Fillers
ATS i-Dositecno SY Syringe Filling Equipment
ATS i-Dositecno Ophtha-Line™
ATS i-Dositecno Nasal Spray Filling Machine
ATS Hull BI I/L Filler
ATS i-Dositecno LI-C Linear Capping Machine
ATS i-Dositecno Pharmaceutical Labeling Machine

Fill-Finish Ready-To-Use Modules

ATS i-Dositecno Ready-to-Use (RTU) Debagging Machine
ATS i-Dositecno Ready-To-Use (RTU) Denesting Equipment
ATS i-Dositecno Equipment for Delidding
ATS i-Dositecno Ready-to-Use (RTU) Rod Inserter

BioQule NGS System

Reimagine low-throughput library prep with the BioQule NGS System and simplify your library prep and quantitation with walk-away automation. This low-cost, open, benchtop instrument delivers libraries ready to load into your sequencer in only 15 minutes of hands-on time (HOT), allowing you to focus on what really matters.

Currently, automated methods are available for NEXTFLEX®, Illumina®, and Roche® KAPA® kits.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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Easy to Use, Compact Solution for Automating Low Throughput Library Preparation and Quantitation

  • Full walkaway automation (80% reduction in HOT)
  • Easy to use (only 4 touch points)
  • Avoid human error (>99% pass rate)
  • Open system able to automate different applications


28.5800 cm
41.9100 cm
66.0400 cm