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Biomark X9 System for High-Throughput Genomics

Deep Insights With Nanoscale Genomics

Simple Workflows for Superior Efficiency

The Biomark™ X9 System is a versatile microfluidics-based benchtop platform that delivers thousands of nanoliter-scale reactions in a single run – ensuring cost-effective, comprehensive and scalable sample profiling with minimal operator contribution.

Now you can manage your lab’s resources, time and effort and also keep up with high-productivity demands. Streamline your real-time PCR workflows to generate up to 46,080 datapoints per 8-hour shift or produce up to 384 barcoded libraries per day for your NGS needs on one compact platform.

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Get big answers with micro-sized technology

Microfluidics technology empowers you to easily create the approach that’s right for you, so you can find the answers you are looking for and even what you didn’t know was there.
Streamline your lab in days with high-plex panel design (with up to 192 samples or assays) using singleplex simplicity, and reduce sample and reagent input more than 100x.
Integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs) form the backbone of the Biomark X9 System, supporting different configurations of samples and assays for multiple applications. Each Dynamic Array™ IFC is precision-manufactured to exacting standards of performance and reliability.