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Automated Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

BiOS is an automated bio freezer storage system specifically designed to store sensitive biological samples. This ultra low temperature freezer is capable of reaching temperatures as low as minus 80°C, ensuring biological specimen integrity. BiOS can be scaled to fit your laboratory needs as a premier option for storing biological samples.

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Secure Biological Sample Storage

BiOS stores biological samples at minus 80°C and keeps samples close to temperature throughout their entire life inside the system. All the while introducing and sorting samples, managing the inventory, and processing and delivering orders. In addition, BiOS records a full audit trail and temperature log for all samples managed in the system.

Its modular and scalable design allows storage of 100,000 to over 10 million biological samples in a wide variety of labware. It seamlessly interfaces with your IT infrastructure and LIMS by providing the BiOS API and remote monitoring options.

BiOS Minus 80°C Freezer Features and Benefits

Modular Sample Capacity

The capacity of BiOS minus 80°C freezers can be scaled to fit your specific storage facility needs.

  • BiOS M provides high-density storage for existing labs with limited space that need a compact storage system.
  • BiOS L provides high-density, high-capacity storage in a compact footprint for labs that have larger storage needs.
  • BiOS XL is designed for the largest studies to store millions of samples, with the greatest number of safeguards in place.

Guarantee Sample Integrity

BiOS ensures samples are always kept at ultra low temperatures, even during processing. Temperature stability is key to maintaining the value of stored samples. By taking special measures to eliminate any significant temperature fluctuations, potential sample degradation is prevented. A key component is our patented minus 80°C tube picker, which helps maintain consistent sample temperatures during processing.

Flexible Storage in a Minus 80°C Freezer

BiOS easily integrates into your applications by supporting a wide range of labware in SBS-standard racks or plates up to a height of 110 mm. The minus 80°C freezer’s tube picking module is capable of processing multiple types of labware without the need for any mechanical changes or additional processing modules.

Reliability and Ease of Service

Reliability and ease of service are designed into the system, keeping operations at peak performance. System reliability is key to maximizing productivity. Hamilton realizes this by keeping all automation in the minus 20°C area to increase reliability and minimize downtime.

Additionally, service to the system can be done quickly and efficiently because the refrigeration compartments are externally accessible. Inside BiOS, samples are safely sealed in lidded minus 80°C chest compartments allowing service to be performed without affecting the samples.