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Minimal quantities of precious samples are no longer a limitation

  • 50uL of sample at 0.1mg/mL is all you need for highly reproducible data

The secondary structure characterization tool for all your applications

  • Characterize the HOS of a wide range of biomolecules including proteins, peptides, antibodies, mRNA, ADCs, and AAVs by measuring structural changes due to buffer/pH/formulation, stress, point mutations, binding partners, and storage conditions.
  • Save time and money by collecting spectral data, under experimentally/therapeutically relevant conditions; no need to buffer exchange or dilute prior to measuring.
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Benchtop-friendly Design

  • Space-saving, all-in-one analytical unit with integrated touchscreen.
  • Intuitive user interface provides at-a-glance-determination of run status.

Complete automation from sample analysis to data processing

  • Reduce user error with minimal sample manipulations
  • Monitor the critical relationship between structure and function in less time, with higher-quality data
  • Simple automation minimizes training and removes the need for dedicated super users.
  • No spectroscopy expertise required- delta software analyzes the data and provides meaningful conclusions.


  • Track and maintain the critical relationship between structure and function.
  • Identify conditions and processes that introduce undesired structural changes or aggregation.
  • Test mechanistic hypotheses behind changes in activity and stability with structural information.
  • Publish sooner and finish projects on-time with high repeatability and sensitivity minimizing inconclusive results and reliance upon orthogonal techniques.