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Aura PTx

Embrace Change for Better Product Stability

Speed up protein formulation development and screening with Aura PTx. With just 5µL, discover a faster way to detect, count and characterize excipients and drug products at earlier stages of therapeutic development.

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Protein Aggregate ID

Polysorbate Degradation Monitoring

5 µL to 10 mL Volume

1 Minute Per Sample

Why Choose Aura PTx?

Protein stability and preventing aggregation is crucial when developing therapies. That’s why it’s time to leave flow cell imaging behind.
With Aura PTx, there’s a better way to perform particle analysis.
Now you can quickly identify and count aggregates that form due to degraded polysorbate in your formulation. And with two-channel fluorescence, determine if aggregation in your protein therapy is caused by proteins or polysorbates in your sample – at the same time.

ID protein aggregates. Accurately detect excipient degradation within your formulations and distinguish between protein and non-protein particles effortlessly.

Monitor polysorbate degradation. With fluorescence applications, you can track polysorbate degradation to confidently evaluate the stability of your product.

ID, Count and Size Degraded Polysorbate

Protein formulations frequently include excipients like polysorbate to aid in stability. But what happens when polysorbate degrades?
Aura PTx is the first to use Thioflavin T (ThT) and BODIPY FL C16 staining to detect and quantify protein aggregates and polysorbate breakdown. Analyze the stability of the sample in terms of both biology and polysorbate in a single experiment.

Make Smarter Decisions with FMM

Determining the best course of action based purely on morphological features is not the way to go if reliability, security, and efficacy are your top priorities.
With the help of FMM, Aura PTx tells you exactly what is protein (via ThT staining) and what is not, even in mixed particles.

High Throughput Screening For Your Protein Formulations

Unlike traditional high throughput methods, which predict protein stability based on protein melting point, Aura accurately measures the effect of formulations on the stability of proteins.

With Aura PTx, we offer an intuitive platform that can analyze dozens of solutions in just 60 seconds with minimal stress. Additionally, its 96-well automated format makes it highly suitable for use in design-of experiments (DoE) scenarios while needing only a small sample size, so you can rest assured that your drug product is safe and stable at every step.