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ATS i-Dositecno Ready-to-Use (RTU) Rod Inserter

Keep your syringe plunger firmly in place with the SP i-Dositecno Ready-to-Use (RTU) Rod Inserter. Ideal for use in high-sterile environments including restricted access barrier systems (RABs) and isolation chambers, you can fill syringes with confidence!

  • Compatible with the SP i-Dositecno RF Flex-Line™
  • Built to comply with cleanroom requirements – engineered from premium stainless steel
  • Fully compliant – 21 CFR Part 11 integrated software and IQ/OQ validation packages available
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The SP i-Dositecno Rod Inserter gives you the assurance that your filled syringe products are always secure. Our cutting-edge robotics include a Servo-driven star wheel with 1- or 2- feeding lines to ensure syringes transition smoothly through your fill-finish workflow, for accurate and efficient positioning of the plunger rod into every syringe.

Meeting the highest quality expectations of cGMP, Annex 1, 21CFR part 11 and GAMP5, our rod inserter is engineered using premium steel for durability and resistance to corrosive sterilization chemicals. The SP i-Dositecno Rod Inserter is designed to be used in conjunction with the SP i-Dositecno RF Flex-Line™ – for a complete syringe fill-finish solution that you can rely on.

Features & Benefits

  • Easily integrated – the SP i-Dositecno Rod Insertor slots easily into the RF Flex Line™
  • Speed to market – rapid and precise syringe assembly for faster delivery times
  • Ultimate product protection – can be integrated with open restricted access barrier systems (RABS), closed RABS, and isolation technology

Application Examples

  • Human Injectables Products
  • Diagnostic & Test Kits