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ATS i-Dositecno External Vial Washing Machines

Our trusted SP i-Dositecno External Vial Washers offer unparalleled decontamination.
Low pressure water nozzles clean from the top down while additional nozzles are positioned underneath, so you can be sure there’s no surface left untouched and no cap inadvertently compromised

  • Effective and safe cleaning – specialized transport system with enclosure prevents water ingress and eliminates bacterial contamination
  • Compact and flexible – small footprint designed for vials from 2-125 mL; changeover takes 20 minutes or less!
  • Easily validated – servo-driven adjustments guarantee repeatable vial position for consistent cleaning
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Rest assured that the exterior surfaces of your vials are fully decontaminated, and all particulates removed with the SP i-Dositecno External Vial Washing Machine; a simple, robust, high-quality vial washing solution that promises to increase efficiency, minimize false rejects and increase operator safety – all while complying with cGMP guidelines.

Saving precious floor space – With its compact design, the SP i-Dositecno range of in-line External Vial Washing Machines are perfect for companies with limited manufacturing space. Capable of washing up to 100 vials per minute with our EVW-60, or as many as 400 vials per minute with the EVW-100, there’s a vial washing solution to suit all needs. And for maximum sterility and containment, the EVW-100 is compatible with glove ports, a wash down wand and an air handling system with bag in and bag out HEPA filters.

Cleaner and dryer vials – Vials enter the machine fully sealed, preventing water and cleaning agent from entering the cap area (even at 90-psi pressure). They leave the machine visibly dry thanks to compressed air or an on-board air blower in the base of the machine – the choice is yours. Our external vial washers use a vial-dedicated timing screw over the length of the machine to capture, rotate and transport vials on a narrow rail through the machine, eliminating the need for conveyor belts. There are two models available:EVW-60

  • Throughput: Process up to 100 vials per minute
  • Vial range: 2 – 100 mL
  • Changeover: Less than 20 min; no tools are required, and only the vial transport timing screw needs to be changed


  • Throughput: Process up to 400 vials per minute
  • Vial range: 2 – 500 mL
  • Changeover: 5 min; no tools are required, and only the vial transport timing screw needs to be changed

Not sure which model is right for your application? Discuss your needs with our fill-finish experts by completing our “SP Technical & Applications Support” request form.

Application Examples

  • Pharmaceutical & Biotech