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ATS Hull TL-100 & TL-200 Tray Loaders

If you need a reliable solution for vial loading then you’re in the right place! The SP Hull Tray Loaders are fully customizable to suit your exact application and format.

Offering a single tray loader for up to 200 vials per minute (vpm), or a dual tray loader for up to 400 vpm, and with a vial range from 2-500 mL vials/bottles, you can be sure there’s a solution for all your needs!

  • Easy-to-use – run multiple vial sizes without ever needing a change part!
  • Intuitive – menu-driven with PLC-assisted changeover
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For a seamless and simple approach to vial tray loading, the SP Hull TL-100 and TL-200 Tray Loaders are here to help! Our automatic tray loaders enable easy processing of glass or plastic containers within a range of 2–500 mL, collating them row-by-row into a nested pattern for collection into metal, plastic or cardboard trays.

Designed for installation into aseptic and non-aseptic environments, the tray loaders have an adjustable pusher that accommodates different vial patterns without the need of change parts – for a safer and more efficient workflow! There are two models available and with help from our product specialist experts and dedicated engineers, you can configure SP Hull Tray Loaders to meet your exact needs.SP Hull TL-100

  • Single tray loader
  • Output up to 200 vpm (depending on vial diameter and tray size)

SP Hull TL-200

  • Dual tray loader
  • Loading speeds of up to 70 vials per minute
  • Output up to 400 vpm (depending on vial diameter and tray size)

Application Examples

  • Pharmaceutical Processing