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ATS Hull Freeze Dryer Loading & Unloading Systems

Designed for advanced aseptic pharmaceutical processes involving lyophilization, the SP Hull Freeze Dryer Loading and Unloading Systems – the RxR-36 Row-by-Row and the SALS-30 Semi-Automatic Freeze Dryer Loaders – are innovative, high-performance and flexible – reducing your overall processing times for improved productivity and greater cost efficiency.

Additional options allow you to integrate with the SP Hull LyoConstellation range of development, pilot, and production freeze dryers – for aseptic lyophilization that you can rely on.

  • Easy decontamination
  • Guaranteed sterility thanks to superior containment
  • Compliant – all freeze dryer loading and unloading systems adhere to latest cGMP standards
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We’re here to help you mitigate the risks associated with freeze dryer loading. Our loading and unloading systems ensure operator and product always remain protected, with minimal human intervention for the ultimate security. And with bridge and transfer plates that always operate within the aseptic environment, you can be sure that GMP standards are always adhered to. In addition, the loading and unloading system is designed to completely expose the surface during the decontamination process – for easy cleaning and effective sanitation.

Seamless integration – SP Hull Freeze Dryer Loading and Unloading Systems offer flexible solutions for small batch and high-speed applications and the option to integrate with the SP Hull LyoConstellation range of development, pilot, and production freeze dryers. A powerful freeze dryer range designed with aseptic operation in mind. When integrated with SP loading systems and SP filling lines, you get a powerful combination of best manufacturing freeze-drying practices, enabling you to move your product from development to commercialization, in a shorter timeframe. Two models are available.

SP Hull RxR-36 Row-by-Row Freeze Dryer Loader

  • For full line vial applications
  • Suitable for high-speed applications
  • Loading speeds of up to 400 vials per minute

SP Hull SALS-30 Semi-Automatic Freeze Dryer Loader

  • Narrow profile to replace manual freeze dryer loading
  • Small to medium batch vial handling
  • Loading speeds of up to 70 vials per minute

With help from our product portfolio experts and dedicated engineers, you can configure SP Hull Loading and Unloading Systems to meet your exact application needs. For more help, complete our “SP Technical & Applications Support” request form.

Application Examples

  • Pharmaceutical Processing