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Applikon Motor Controller

The Motor Controller is a robust and user-friendly device that allows for easy and stable mixing. The Motor Controller can be supplied with 4 different types of brushless stirrer motors that can support mixing in vessels up to 130 L.

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Powerful Stirring

  • Powerful stand-alone motor controller for laboratory applications
  • Support of maintenance-free brushless motors reduces costs
  • Easy operation due to very intuitive user interface

The Motor Controller can be used in bioprocessing applications as a (more powerful) external motor controller for biocontrollers, such as the in-Control, or as a stand-alone controller that can be used for mixing applications. These can be mixing of medium tanks in bioprocessing applications or general mixing purposes in any industry. Furthermore, the Motor Controller can be used as replacement of the ADI 1032 motor controllers.

The Motor Controller can be controlled remotely, which allows for easy integration in existing systems and also allows for data logging in to external software platforms.

Intuitive user interface

The Motor Controller comes with an intuitive 7″ color touchscreen user interface. Its software has been developed to make it very easy for the operator to work with the controller, like integrated trending and alarming options.

External control

This stand-alone controller can be integrated with biocontrollers and/or SCADA software through external control possibilities making it a powerful solution for laboratory applications.

Brushless motor support

The Motor Controller supports 4 different types of brushless stirrer motors for control up to 130 L vessels. Since those brushless motors are maintenance-free the costs for cultivations can be decreased.


Measurement and control range M10: 0 – 2000 rpm
M14: 0 – 750 rpm
M20: 0 – 2000 rpm
M33: 0 – 1000 rpm
Measurement and control accuracy 0.1 % of full scale
Feedback Encoder
Motor type DC, permanent magnet
Safety features External E-stop
External control Via analog signal
SCADA through ethernet connection
Control hardware platform Applikon proprietary
Control software platform Applikon firmware
Certifications CE certified, GAMP compliant
Connectivity Compatble with SUB-Control, ez-Control, ez2-Control, my-Control, and in-Control

The Applikon Motor Controller is ideal for the following applications:

  • Stirrer motor controller in bioprocessing application
  • Mixing device for general mixing purposes