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The New Normal 2-Day Work Week

…Leveraging Living Ai-Series

C. Ravindranath,
Managing Director
Spinco Biotech Pvt Ltd

Living LC with adaptive intelligence

Living in the New Normal mandates significant changes in the work arrangement and demands easy remote access of instruments, regardless of the time and place. The Living Ai-Series addresses these challenges effectively by enabling a flexible workplace incorporating below capabilities:

  • Analytical Intelligence™
  • Remote operation and monitoring
  • Network for data security
  • Work from Anywhere

Living technology is an emerging wave of innovation that incorporates principles, activities, and dynamics of life technology. Autonomous technology with adaptive intelligence will be the new normal for all technologies of the future. Immerse yourself in an emerging wave of innovations with an UHPLC-ready LC as dynamic and intelligent as life itself – Welcome to the new world of Living Ai-Series!

Shimadzu’s proprietary Analytical Intelligence™ innovation incorporates cutting-edge digital technologies such as M2M, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to breathe life into Ai-Series, the World’s First Living LC! Analytical Intelligence™ is a new concept for analytical instruments which consists of systems and software that simulate expert operators to automate analytical operations and ensure high data reliability.

Thanks to this Shimadzu-only technology, analytical labs will be able to effectively overcome the ever-increasing skillset challenges and attrition issues, minimize human intervention in workflows, maximize asset utilization and generate high quality reliable data.

2-day work-week with WFA (Work From Anywhere) kit

Analytical work using conventional LC systems involves commuting to work each day, starting up the system, equilibrating the column, running system suitability tests, and then acquiring and analyzing the data. All the steps must be performed at the laboratory, which makes it difficult to work remotely from anywhere. However, the Living Ai-Series LC in combination with ‘LabSolutions Direct’ or ‘LabSolutions CS’ can significantly improve operational efficiency and minimize travel to the office/laboratory.

A new normal 2-day work-week based analytical operations can be achieved by combining our telecommuting technology for remote and automated operability built into Living Ai-Series LC systems with either standalone or the Citrix XenApp Networking technology.

The 360-degree Automated System Preparation (ASP) combined with WFA kit enables complete remote operation from startup-to-shutdown. The LabSolutions advanced algorithms automate remote data analysis and report generation securely into centralized database with ER/ES capabilities. The WFA workflow minimizes user intervention and addresses attrition challenges.

Work from Anywhere (WFA) Workflow

The Living Ai-Series can automatically and remotely perform all the steps involved in an analysis, including system startup, column equilibration, auto-judgement, start of analysis, and system shutdown, which previously required the physical presence of an operator. Remote operation and monitoring can be performed with either a computer or smart device from anywhere.

The Ai-Series WFA kit is a set of IoT-MPM devices with Gravimetric sensor technology for Live Mobile Phase Monitoring (MPM) using both large (5L x 2) and small (1L x 2) reservoir bottles. This Real-time monitoring of mobile phase volume can easily be accessed from any location via smart devices ensuring highest productivity by round-the-clock operation including weekend automation.

Live Mobile Phase Monitoring

Accelerated Method Development with
AQbD approach

The latest AQbD (ICH Q14, Sep. 2020) guidance is incorporated in Living  Ai-Series for accelerated  development of robust and reliable analytical methods. Combination of ‘Smart AQbD’ kit, Method Scouting Solution and advanced solvent blending significantly reduces time for optimization and robustness evaluation. It supports ‘Design of Experiments (DoE) to Design Space (DS)’ based on AQbD approach.

  • Analytically Intelligent Method Scouting accelerates screening, development, and optimization of robust methods
  • Choice of 7 (or) 4 Mobile phases and 6 columns for maximum flexibility
  • Completely automates the whole development cycle without much user intervention
  • The Multi Data Report (MDR) tool instantly  provides the best-fit method based on the degree of separation and number of peaks detected
  • SA-Kit can also significantly increase productivity in QC and Testing Labs for multi-batch and multi-method analysis

7 Mobile Phase QbD Kit

4 Mobile Phase QbD Kit

Smart AQbD DoE – DS Approach

Process from Anywhere

Work From Anywhere necessitates the capability to process large amounts of data securely from remote devices. Occupational Health safety is another key requirement of modern labs to protect analysts from inhaling toxic solvents and minimizing exposure to hazards. The Living Ai-Series is designed to fully address the above requirements with its unique ‘Process from Anywhere’ architecture coupled with remote operation.

Process From Anywhere (PFA)

Shimadzu’s i-PeakFinder™ is an AI-based algorithm which simplifies integration of un-resolved peaks in a single step on wide range of complex chromatograms. i-PeakFinder™ is capable of detecting and integrating peaks with high level of accuracy without requiring special parameter adjustment.

Its features include:

  • Accurate detection of shoulder peaks
  • Simplified peak-baseline processing with improved reproducibility
  • Precise peak integration despite of variabilities caused by baseline drift
  • Highly reliable results independent of operator’s skill level

Baseline processing with no
parameters specified

Baseline processing with
complete seperation

The AI-based i-PDeA II™ utilizes chemometric Multivariate Curve Resolution Alternating Least Square (MCR-ALS) method to separate and understand co-eluting peaks which are not separated by the column. i-PDeA II™ enables PDA users to visualize and detect even a minor single impurity co-eluted with an analyte. It facilitates separation and quantitation of hard-to-separate peaks on the column which reduces the effort required to investigate separation parameters.

i-PDeA II chromatogram

Asset Analytics from anywhere, anytime!

LabSolutions BiX is the first-of-its-kind web-based dashboard application that enables diverse category of users (lab chemists, managers or senior management & CXOs) to make informed decisions based on detailed and critical analysis of the productivity and efficiency of all assets in the laboratory, be it instruments or people operating them.

The Analytically Intelligent BiX is an enterprise level solution built on robust Micro-Service Architecture (MSA) with Progressive Wave Application (PWA) which provides valuable lab insights on instrument utilization, user activities and samples analyzed, batches run, projects load, etc. BiX connects with LabSolutions software and displays analytics for HPLC, GC, LCMS, UV, FTIR, etc.

Users can login into BiX from anywhere in the world using secure access from any smart device. This Analytics from Anywhere capability provides centralized business intelligence information for effective decision-making, minimizing operational costs, and significantly increasing lab productivity.

The Future Living  Labs

Shimadzu’s Living Ai-Series with Analytical Intelligence™ provides a Flexible Workplace enabling the ‘New Normal’ for analytical laboratories, improving Flexibility, Security, Safety and Efficiency.

Shimadzu has long championed workflow efficiency through the introduction of instruments possessing ‘Analytical Intelligence™, tools that can enable more flexible, safer, more efficient, and more productive workflows. During COVID-19 pandemic, Shimadzu’s ‘Work from Anywhere’ functions for remote operation of Living Ai-Series are being widely used in many laboratories.

Get in touch with us to learn how your lab can implement Shimadzu’s telecommuting and remote workflow features to digitally transform into Analytically Intelligent Living Labs of the future.




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