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Nexera Prep

Nexera Prep

Nexera Prep LC is a completely scalable solution that addresses most of the current demands on isolation of target substances in pharma, natural products, proteomics or any other applications. Users can select a pump, auto sampler, and detector to build a system according to their needs. The different models of mobile phase delivery pump cover from analytical to semi-prep to full prep scale purification with the standard configuration offered with UV-VIS detection. A host of new innovations introduced in the Nexera Prep help overcome many challenges during the isolation of trace impurities in presence of large concentrations of active substances, overlap of similar compounds etc,. Systems can be configured either with FRC-40 Fraction Collector or LH-40 Liquid Handler, depending on injection volume and/or whether reinjection of the fraction is required.

Wide Choice of Preparative Options

Streamline and Simplify Conditions for Preparative Work

Nexera Prep
Using the Nexera™ Prep system saves on labor when scaling up from the development of analytical conditions to the conditions for preparative work.

Isolate Target Components at High Purity Levels & High Concentrations

The Shimadzu UFPLC, Ultra Fast Preparative and Purification Liquid Chromatograph significantly reduces the cost and labor involved in preparative purification. Additionally, the system not only performs purification of target components, but can also recover impurities with high yield enabling direct impurity analysis.
UFPLC: Ultra Fast Preparative and Purification Liquid Chromatography System

Seamlessly isolate Non-UV Absorptive Components

Preparative LCMS System
With LH-40 and FRC-40 able to perform signal-based logic and collection on up to four signal channels, not having a chromophore is not a limitation. Nexera Prep can use LCMS, RID, and ELSD to detect and/or identify targets for purification.

High Efficiency Separation via Preparative Recycling

By repeatedly cycling the sample through the column, the target component can be resolved and recovered from coeluting species or impurities without the need for longer or multiple columns.
Recycling Preparative System

Excellent System Expandability

Multi Fraction Collector System
The solvent delivery unit and fraction collector can be selected to suit the recovery volume. Additionally, the Shim-pack™ Scepter features excellent scalability from analysis to preparative work, and the preparation of a variety of components is supported by an ample lineup.
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FRC-40 Fraction Collector

Efficient, Easy to Use, Space Saving

  • Up to six fraction collectors can be connected simultaneously.
  • Compatible with many racks corresponding to the intended fraction volume.
  • Can accommodate up to 3,240 fractions (6 FRC-40s, 10 mm tubes).

LH-40 Liquid Handler

Provides Both a Sample Injection Function and a Fraction Collection Function

A single unit can perform everything from sample injection to fraction recovery.

Suppresses Contamination

A Proprietary injection method minimizes carryover, significantly limiting contamination to subsequent samples. (When a 4000 mg/L caffeine sample is injected, the carryover is 0.004% or less.)

Capable of Injection from a variety of Containers

With its long needle stroke, the system is compatible with containers of varying depths, including microtiter plates (MTP), vials, test tubes and sample bottles.